Notes for authors:

Format and Style: Articles should be submitted electronically, in Microsoft Word, by e-mail to the address, Please use the basic style only. Notes should be footnotes not endnotes. They should be numbered consecutively throughout the article. Citations of references should be made only in the notes and not in the text, first references should be given in full: SMITH, Robert. History of Diary Products. Pilsen: University of West Bohemia Press, 2010, pp. 22 – 23. All subsequent references should be given in abbreviated form: SMITH, Robert. History of Diary Products, pp. 30 – 32.  It is necessary to attach a list of full references at the end of the article. The use of the latin word ibid, or abbreviation like Loc.cit., Op. cit. etc. is not allowed.

Further notes: Scope of article: max. 30 pages. Scope of review: max. 1-2 pages. Every article should have: Title, Abstract (maximum of 10 lines), Keywords (from 3 to 8), Information about Author (name and surname, year of birth, position and address of employer or school, field of research, e-mail address). Notification: The articles submitted to the MEMO must be editorial revised and approved. The editors would be grateful if contributors kept closely to journal´s style and format conventions.

Please send your manuscripts to:

Peer-review process:

Essays published in the MEMO Journal are evaluated by two experts. This process is anonymous. Based on the outcome of the review process, the relevant editorial board either accepts the text, returns it to be refined or revised, or completely rejects it. The author is informed about the outcome of the review process within two months following the receipt of his / her study by e-mail.

If text modifications or revisions are required, they have to be completed within two months after the receipt of both review reports that include a requirement for modifications. Respecting the requirements of the reviewers and other formal standards specified by the editorial staff is a prerequisite for the publication of any study, report or review.